Let’s charm the pockets off of your clients’ pants!

Marketing is 51% magic, 33% grit, 19% experience, 4% whiskey, and 0% math.

Hey Friends, I’m Emily McGregor, and I’m here to help you take up some MOTHER FUCKING SPACE!

As a writer and director, I’ve won major awards for my comedy screenwriting and have been called ‘smart,’ ‘insightful,’ and ‘a real trash panda’ by my friends. 

I’ve sold a show to Amazon Studios. I was the VP of a female-driven entertainment company, Comediva. I wrote and directed dozens of viral hits and helmed multiple digital marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 brands like Netflix, Pepsi, Univision, and The Susan G. Komen Foundation.

…Does this all seem like a big brag? 

It should! Because it’s my job.

As a professional copywriter, I relish the opportunity to gush about YOU and your business, and love helping entrepreneurs step further into their power, story, and message. I have a special skill of finding the CORE of what makes something special and expressing it.

My clients often burst into happy tears after reading my copy. That’s because they feel so seen and fall in LOVE with their business all over again after working with me.

Of course, that all comes with VERY tangible benefit$ – like 20x ROIs, click-through rates of 80%, and surprise 7-figure launches for their offers and products.

But it took me a LONG time to own this part of myself…

Like many women, I spent much of my life trying to take up less space. 

I counted calories like a stockbroker on speed, ran on the elliptical to the beats of Rammstein for hours a day, and even when making waves in my filmmaking career, I felt like a total imposter.

Once I learned to drop this impossible — and imaginary — standard of success I set out for myself, I found MY core reason for doing my business:

To help others take up some mother-fucking space!

When I witnessed this same bold transformation in my clients, I realized that taking up space isn’t only okay — it’s NECESSARY. It’s the only way we can positively impact on the world and build the magical life we (really) want.

I hope you’re ready to ENJOY the process of expanding your business and your potential with killer copy that expresses WHO you are.

(And if you need to vent a little on our onboarding call, I’ll virtually pour you a drink of your choice.)

If you’re ready to claim your spot in the world, let’s chat!

Our copywriters are trained in writing practices that go well beyond “marketing and sales.”

We incorporate techniques like opening and closing loops, callbacks, and the hero’s journey. With these powers combined, your customers can’t help but be drawn in and ENJOY your sales process.

*Playfully Flapping Our Wings* 

We make it EASY to work with us!

We’ve got a little secret… our business operates nearly 100% on referral and repeat business. Building long-term relationships with our clients is how we roll. 

It’s why we DON’T offer restrictive packages or put prospective clients on long wait lists. 

Clients keep working with us because we’re RELIABLE and (humbly) FUN to be around.  

If you’re ready for a funky, fresh, and oh-so-profitable approach to copy, we can cover ALL your copywriting needs.


Your first-class ticket to email & social content that’s rich with character & story.

Need a website that magically magnetizes your ideal clients? Let’s make it happen!

Launching a new offer or product? We have all your conversion copy covered.

Need a one-off project? We can do it all! Sales pages, social ads, emails and more!

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