Your luxury service for building trust, community, & playful engagement through creatively crafted content.

ONE phone call, THREE months of content.

Everyone said you needed an email list, right?

Cool! So you made an email list.⁣

Then you got a ton of people subscribed to that email list.  ⁣💪
Great! But then…⁣
:::crickets in tuxedos playing sad violins:::⁣
…They never heard from you again!

Feelin’ those vibes? Great. Because you’re faaar from the only one.

Email list neglect is an EPIDEMIC.

Which is tragic, because your list is one of the most effective, and authentic marketing assets you own. 

5 Things You’re Missing If

You Don’t Nurture Your List:  


If you’re only reaching out during launches, you will:

A) Annoy the crap out of your audience.

B) Only reach a small percentage of your peeps because they aren’t primed for your offer.

C) Feel like that ‘friend’ who only reaches out when they NEED something. (You know the type.)


Having a happy list is like having a personal R&D department. FOR FREE.

Get data on what specific topics, messaging, and stories resonate the most with your audience.

Less throwing $#!t at the wall, fewer wasted buckaroos on PAID ads, and more awesome content for your peeps. Win-Win-Win!

#3 – SPEED

Let’s say you wake up one day with a brilliant idea for a new product, and you just HAVE to get it out there. 

If your list is SUPER engaged, you can send them that offer right away — and they’ll eat it up!  (And you will already know they’ll love it!)


Remember the first week back at school after summer break, when it felt like you forgot EVERYTHING you learned last year?

Your audience is the same way!

By regularly educating your list you will create BETTER results and BETTER results will create MORE testimonials and MORE testimonials will create MORE clients!


Think of your email list as your digital real estate…

You OWN your list. But on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. — you’re only renting. Any of the social media platforms could SHUT YOU DOWN tomorrow if they wanted.

Emails are still the best tool to reliably, and effectively connect in a way you can control.

If you aren’t consistently connecting with your email list, you are leaving loads of cash and opportunities on the table!

I want to tell you two things:

One: There is no shame in this game… You’re busy running your business, hustlin’ hard on those sales calls, and designing dazzling offers — you simply don’t have the time to hammer out email after email.

Two: PenguinCat Creative HAS the time to hammer those emails for you!

Give us 1 HOUR of your time to interview you, and we’ll create ALL your email and social content for 3 MONTHS.

(In fact, that’s what we do every month for our clients.)

Email content is as easy as ordering room service with…


Your luxury service for building trust, community, and playful engagement through creatively crafted email content.

Here’s how easy it is: ⁣

🛎  Check-in with the Connection Concierge.⁣
📞 Jump on Zoom for about an hour and we’ll walk you through our story collecting process.
🏖 Kick back and relax…
💌 ...While we craft 3 months’ worth of compelling email and social content that keeps your followers engaged, nurtured, and oh-so-primed to buy!
That means YOU stay in your zone of genius and YOUR AUDIENCE feels super nurtured and ready to 💰💰💰 when your offer pops up. ⁣
That’s what we call a win-win-win. ⁣


🌟 We helped a local, family-owned, antique jewelry business increase their sales by 41% THROUGH THE PANDEMIC. They made 5-figures off one email alone!⁣
🌟 Another client used our Concierge emails for a 6-figure launch off a $49/month membership with ZERO paid advertising!⁣
🌟  We helped one of my favorite clients with emails and blog content to actually GROW her Etsy-training after it hit a snag. ⁣

Love Notes for The PenguinCat

“They have a beautiful way of capturing our voice…”

PenguinCat is seriously the best copywriting service we’ve ever worked with. (And continue to work with!) They asked us the most perfect questions, listened to our answers, and then composed an authentic, compelling, message that absolutely revolutionized our conversion rates.  They have a beautiful way of capturing our voice and getting to the core of our message in a way that’s fun, friendly, and sounds like us!  We love The PenguinCat. They are so fun to work with and really accommodating. If you’re looking with someone to dress up your website or finesse your authentic voice you could not work with anyone better!” 


“We doubled our sales goal…”

“As business coaches and marketing professionals who help our clients with copywriting ALL THE TIME- the idea of outsourcing any of our copywriting felt a little absurd initially. At the same time, we knew having launched the same program multiple times that we were getting sort of blind to the process and a little bit burnt-out. We wanted to update our process, but really needed someone who got “us” and our voice. Our PenguinCat writer was an absolute delight to work with. She got close to the mark just out of the gate with what we needed and then she took our feedback and got into our heads as to what we were trying to convey incredibly quickly. In 2017, we decided to test launching our online course once, instead of twice. Which doubled our sales goal. We had previously barely sold out at 100 students, and we were able to enroll 173 bootcampers during one launch!”


Kelly Higdon + Miranda Palmer

“…she just GOT it!”

“This whole experience reawakened my passion for my blog and my products!

I spent the last four months creating products and packages, and then I went to write the sales pages and they fell flat. Then Emily came along, and she just GOT it. She turned my product back into something that I BELIEVE in, that I want to sell and that (after reading this crazy insane awesome copy) people will WANT to buy. This whole experience reawakened my passion for my blog and my products! What Emily delivered was so far above and beyond what I thought was possible.”


Who is Resort-Ready?


Coaches, course creators, healers, eCommerce, fitness experts, authors, and overall badasses.


Entrepreneurs who are fed up with the content struggle.


Leaders who love providing meaningful content for their audience.


Probably you if you’ve read this far down, but it’s always good to double check. 🙂

Some Steamy A’s for Your Burning Q’s 

What if I want to hire you for a whole year?


Once we do our first quarter together, you’ll have an opportunity to sign up for a FULL YEAR of Connection Concierge for 10% in savings!

(Psst…if you’re an existing client, you can claim this option right away!)

Why? Because honestly, I only work with people I love and who love me. I care more about the two of us being happy and making creative babies together than just signing everyone and anyone.

So let’s go on this first date, and then see where it goes from there!

What if I have other copy projects I need help with too?


We write sales pages, sales funnels, blog posts, webinar scripts, opt-ins, and website copy.   Let’s chat! Schedule a call, and we can discuss all your needs at once!

Do you have a payment plan?
Yes, this is something we can discuss on our call, but we have a couple of budget-friendly options.
Who is writing my emails?
We’ll pick the PERFECT writer for YOUR brand, message, vibe, and tone. All of our writers have 10+ years of experience in creative writing and digital marketing, and they’re some of the nicest, most brilliant people you’ll ever meet. #biased #true
How long will it take to write my emails after the call?
First, we provide 1-2 emails as a ‘sound check’ within about 5 business days. We will then provide the next emails in batches to make it easy for you to review. The whole process takes about 2-3 weeks. 

Ready to Make Your Reservation?

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©2021 PenguinCat Creative