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The Connection Concierge

Your luxury service for building trust, community, and playful engagement through creatively crafted email content.

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We know the last thing you want is ONE MORE THING TO DO ON YOUR BLASTED TO-DO LIST.

You’re out there hustling your cutie-patootie off, gearing up for a big launch, networking with your biz besties, growing your list and social network, and somehow squeezing in time for a shower (...or not, who are we kidding?)


It’s a lot. We get it. We’re right there with you.

And that’s why we’re jazzed to make your entire business SO MUCH EASIER by helping you build a deep and meaningful connection with your audience -- while YOU chill by the pool, under the cabana, not thinking about a thing.  

::Cue the Yacht Rock!::

But how?

By engaging with that dusty email list that’s been sitting in the back of your digital closet for who knows how long!

Look, you spent ALL this time, effort, and money growing a list…

Feelin’ those vibes? Great. Because you’re not alone.

Email list neglect is an epidemic.

Which is tragic, because your list is one of the simplest, most effective, authentic, and helpful marketing assets you own.

...I know, I know. I can already hear the “BUT--!”

  • I have no idea what to say to my people (let alone WRITE every WEEK).
  • I’ve only really contacted my list when I have something to sell. Is it really necessary to reach out between launches?
  • I tried sending emails in the past, but it was just too hard to get into a consistent flow.
  • I don’t have the time to write weekly emails, are you friggin’ nuts?!  
  • I don’t see the point. No one will even open them anyway.

If you aren’t consistently connecting with your email list, you are leaving loads of cash and opportunities on the table!



Let me break down it down for you.

5 things you’re missing if you don’t nurture your list:  


If you’re only reaching out during launches, you will...

A) Annoy the crap out of your audience. They WILL unsubscribe. And then you can say bye-bye list!

B) Only reach a small percentage of your audience because they aren't primed for your offer.

C) Feel like that ‘friend’ who only reaches out when they NEED something. (You know the type.)

PenguinCat has been the secret sauce behind HUNDREDS of six and seven-figure launches, and we always see a HUGE difference when a client has an active, engaged, connected list for this reason alone. 


Having a happy list is like having a personal R&D department. FOR FREE.

Sending regular nurturing emails will give you data on what specific topics, messaging, and stories resonate the most with your audience.  

That means less throwing $#!t at the wall, fewer wasted buckaroos on PAID ads, and more awesome content for your peeps. Win-Win-Win!

#3 - SPEED

Let's say you wake up one day with a brilliant idea for a new product. If your list is SUPER engaged, you can send them that offer right away -- and they'll eat it up! (I mean, you sent them 5 emails on this topic, and they loved all of them!)  

Look, the NUMBER of people on your list matters only as bragging rights at cocktail parties.

What really matters is if they are ENGAGED so you can sell to them whenever you want, and whatever you want!


Remember the first week back at school after summer break, when it felt like you forgot EVERYTHING you learned last year?

Your audience is the same way!  

By regularly educating your list you will create BETTER clients and BETTER clients will create MORE testimonials and MORE testimonials will create MORE clients! 

Let’s go over that equation:

Educating your list = Better Clients = Success Stories = Better Marketing + MORE Referrals = $$$

Got it?

Class dismissed!


This is a biggie.

Think of your email list as your digital real estate!

You OWN your list. But on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. -- you’re only renting. Any of the social media platforms could SHUT YOU DOWN tomorrow if they wanted.

The digital marketing landscape is constantly shifting, but email lists are the one thing that has stayed relatively stable and consistent.  

Emails are still the best tool to profoundly, reliably, effectively connect deeply with your a way you can control.

The Connection Concierge

Your luxury service for building trust, community, and playful engagement through creatively crafted email content.


Here are your keys, the pool is right through the doors on the left, and there's complimentary wine-tasting in the lobby at 4 pm. Please enjoy your stay!

Ahhhhh. Isn’t that better?

Now snuggle up in that comfy robe and imagine a world where all it took was 1 hour of your time to create ALL your email content for 3 months?

Kinda feels like a free penthouse upgrade, right? That’s what I thought.

All you have to do is chat with us for an hour about your life, your biz, your new insights, and what you’ve got going on this quarter, and we'll create a strategic content calendar of emails crafted to profoundly and authentically resonate with your audience.

Every week, you’ll release brand-new, PREMIUM content to your hungry list without having to lift a finger.

PLUS, we'll scope the analytics on your open rates and click-throughs so we can better hone in on your content and messaging for the NEXT quarter of content.

It's not enough to just send any old email -- and we’re sure you've tried. People get HUNDREDS of emails, and that unsubscribe button is just a click away.

You need emails that speak on a deep, personal level, provide meaningful value, AND late-night-worthy entertainment.

That’s how you get your audience to actually click -- and read -- week after week.

The Check-In Process (aka how all this jelly works.)

  • 1

    Once a quarter, you will chat with your writer for 60-ish minutes so they can get everything they need to write 12 smashing emails.  

  • 2

    In about 7-10 business days, we’ll deliver a content calendar filled with creative ideas + your emails! 

  • 3

    You approve the emails (2 rounds of revisions are included) and release them into the wild according to the calendar. 

  • 4

    Fill out our trusty analytics worksheet with your stats

    You can also use this data to help plan NEW products, create marketing plans, and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

  • 5
    Lather, rinse and repeat!

    You won't have to brainstorm topics. You won't have to write engaging emails. You won't even have to think about the tracking.

    All YOU have to do is enjoy relaxing in our 400 thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets topped with a refreshing mint, and watch your sales conversions GROW.  

Love Notes for The PenguinCat...

"They have a beautiful way of capturing our voice..."

"PenguinCat is seriously the best copywriting service we’ve ever worked with. (And continue to work with!) They asked us the most perfect questions, listened to our answers, and then composed an authentic, compelling, message that absolutely revolutionized our conversion rates.  They have a beautiful way of capturing our voice and getting to the core of our message in a way that’s fun, friendly, and sounds like us!  We love The PenguinCat. They are so fun to work with and really accommodating. If you’re looking with someone to dress up your website or finesse your authentic voice you could not work with anyone better!" 


"I typically refer to them as my secret weapon..."

"PenguinCat Creative has been working on copy for my extremely busy digital marketing agency for over a year and I can’t recommend them enough. I typically refer to them as my secret weapon to clients because their copy is out of this world and in marketing copy is everything. Emily and her team are amazing at what they do and extremely easy to work with as well!."


Resort Amenities

  • Our patented -- not really, but it feels that way -- PenguinCat Asks Questionnaire - This will help us get crystal clear on your biz, so we can better spend our time diving DEEP on your call.
  • 60-Min Content Consultation - We’ll get all the info we need for 3 full months of content in just 1 hour. Yep, we’re kinda magic -- and really, really good at asking the right questions.
  • 3-Month Content Calendar - Feel free to use this content calendar for other areas of your marketing. It will help you create social posts, Facebook and Instagram ads, blogs, podcast episodes, whatever you want!

  • 12 Luxurious Emails - And just like that, you'll have a full 3 months’ worth of content to share with your peeps. Talk about room service!  

  • Quarterly Data Report - We’ll analyze the first quarter’s results, and provide you with a final report that we can use to scale and optimize your next batch of emails to better serve your audience! 

  • *12 -24 Social Media Posts -- Like a sommelier pairs wine with cheese, we’ll pair a social media post with each of your emails to capture an even broader audience! We can even assist in helping you pick the perfect picture to pair with your post!

  • *Only available with Penthouse or Oceanview packages 


Sip sangria poolside while we handle your emails




  • PenguinCat Asks Questionnaire 
  • 60-Min Content Consultation 
  • 3-Month Content Calendar
  • 12 Luxurious Emails
  • Quarterly Data Report

Relax. We got this. 




  • PenguinCat Asks Questionnaire 
  • 60-Min Content Consultation 
  • 3-Month Content Calendar
  • 12 Luxurious Emails
  • Quarterly Data Report
  • 12 Social Media Posts

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MORE Love Notes for The PenguinCat... 

"We doubled our sales goal..."

"As business coaches and marketing professionals who help our clients with copywriting ALL THE TIME- the idea of outsourcing any of our copywriting felt a little absurd initially. At the same time, we knew having launched the same program multiple times that we were getting sort of blind to the process and a little bit burnt-out. We wanted to update our process, but really needed someone who got “us” and our voice. Our PenguinCat writer was an absolute delight to work with. She got close to the mark just out of the gate with what we needed and then she took our feedback and got into our heads as to what we were trying to convey incredibly quickly. In 2017, we decided to test launching our online course once, instead of twice. Which doubled our sales goal. We had previously barely sold out at 100 students, and we were able to enroll 173 bootcampers during one launch!."

Kelly Higdon + Miranda Palmer

Kelly Higdon + Miranda Palmer

"PenguinCat is a fucking beast..."

"PC is a fucking beast. I want to print this copy out and roll around on top of it."

Michelle Bobrow

"...she just GOT it!"

"This whole experience reawakened my passion for my blog and my products!

I spent the last four months creating products and packages, and then I went to write the sales pages and they fell flat. Then Emily came along, and she just GOT it. She turned my product back into something that I BELIEVE in, that I want to sell and that (after reading this crazy insane awesome copy) people will WANT to buy. This whole experience reawakened my passion for my blog and my products! What Emily delivered was so far above and beyond what I thought was possible."

Jenni Waldrop

Who is Resort-Ready? 

  • Life coaches, biz coaches, fitness experts, solopreneurs, big-ass corporations, MLM coaches, authors, artists, and overall badasses.
  • Entrepreneurs who are fed up with the content struggle and just want it done for them.
  • Businesses with an existing list of 500+ (If you aren’t quite there, please still give us a call! We can help. 
  • Leaders who love providing meaningful content for their audience and understand the value of nurturing leads. 
  • Probably you if you’ve read this far down, but it’s always good to double check. :)

What's All the Fuss About the PenguinCat?

PenguinCat Creative is your home for sales and nurture content that charms, compels, and sells.

Founder Emily McGregor quickly became the go-to copywriter for digital marketing heavyweights and online entrepreneurs so big, we can’t even namedrop them here or this page would shatter.

When it came time to build her own agency, Emily reunited with the content marketing geniuses that built female comedy brand Comediva to the likes of 3M+ monthly views...organically...and created content for clients like Amazon Studios, Univision, Nickelodeon, and more.

Our claim to the throne is that our dream team of copywriters aren’t just copywriters...we’re highly-trained screenwriters, directors, actors, and producers who don’t just do story...we do character.

That’s why we know how to make YOU the hero of your story...and weave the narrative you can’t see because you’re too busy living it.

Ready to make your reservation? 

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Some Steamy A’s for Your Burning Q’s 

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Who is writing my emails?

Do you have a payment plan?

What if I DON’T want you to write my emails, but I DO want a content calendar?

What if I want you to WRITE my emails, but I already HAVE a content calendar?

What if I have other copy projects I need help with too?

What if I want to hire you for a whole year?

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