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Below is a sampling of our services but if you don’t see EXACTLY what you need give us a call and we’ll figure it out! 

We tend to build long term relationships with our clients and can come up with multi-phase content and sales copy plans. 

The Email 6-Pack

Ready to lean back, crack open a cold one, and watch the income come rolling in? 

Then let us help you write a compelling and selling (that’s grammar, right?) email sequence!

You can use these emails as a welcome sequence, sales sequence, nurture sequence, or whatever you fancy. 

🌟 We helped a local, family-owned antique jewelry business increase their sales by 41% — through the pandemic. They made 5-figures off ONE email alone! 

🌟 A business coach used our emails for a 6-figure launch off a $49/month membership with ZERO paid advertising! 

🌟 Our emails helped an Etsy coach actually GROW her audience after a hefty COVID slump.   

Here’s what’s included:

PenguinCat Questionnaire — This is our intro to YOU! 

Creative + Strategy Sesh — Let’s create a customer journey that sings and sells!  

6 Emails + Multiple Subject Lines — Sell your services, warm up your audience, and get your message in the hands of those who need it most! 

The Email 6 Pack

The Scroll-Stopping Ads Package 

It won’t matter how beautiful your photos or accurate your targeting or how much budget you throw at Zuck — if your messaging isn’t ON POINT, your Facebook and Instagram ads won’t convert. 

#sorrynotsorry those are just the facts… 

Our team writes nearly 300 Facebook/Instagram ads every month, so we know a thing or two about connecting with the RIGHT audience to keep costs low and conversions high. 

To date, we’ve worked on over 1500+ funnels and helped bring in over $110M in revenue for our clients. 

While we can never make ROI promises — there are just WAY too many factors — we consistently average 4x returns for our clients and have had ROI on our ads as high as 8744%! 

We also have connections to some of the BEST Facebook ad agencies and ad managers in the whole world and would be happy to make introductions!

Here’s what’s included: 

PenguinCat Questionnaire — Help us get to know you!   

Creative + Strategy Sesh — We’ll deep dive into your ideal client, voice, and funnel strategy!  

10 Scroll-Stopping Ads — Stop your ideal client in their tracks and get them to throw their credit card at their computer!

Various Headlines to TestMarketing is all about experimentation. We’ll give you plenty of options to test your heart out!

Opt-in AuditIf your opt-in does not match your ads OR isn’t Facebook compliant, you’ll run into conversion issues. Let us audit your page and make suggestions for creative AND compliance! 

*We can also write ads for LinkedIn!

The Scroll-Stopping Ads Package

The Sensational Sales Page

If you need a sales page that doesn’t just follow a template but creatively and authentically CREATES a conversation with your client — we got you covered!

Our sales pages have increased conversions for our clients by up to 790% — trust us, those results don’t happen with bro-marketing tricks and slimy sales hacks.

We write copy that resonates deeply with your audience and entertains them along the way — so they feel heard, held, and oh-so-ready to buy.

Here’s what’s included:

PenguinCat Questionnaire — So we can get to know you and your brand! 

Creative + Strategy Sesh — Let’s dive deep into your voice, messaging, and ideal client! 

Sales Page — Your magical, highly profitable, creative AF page delivered straight to your inbox! 

Thank You Page — Your clients will feel your gratitude and be clear on the next steps! 

Confirmation Email — Deliver your product, service, or course with style!

The Sensational Sales Page 

Ready. Set. Launch.

Eager to take over the world, but not sure how to make it happen? Pish-Posh. You’ve got this.

Love at First “Site”

Groan all you want. Yes, that pun was intended. You only have a few precious seconds to grab hold.

The Connection Concierge

One phone call. Three months of content.

Packages start at $1250

Don’t see the package you’re looking for?
Let’s create a custom bundle! (mmm, cozy…)

A La Carte Offerings
Minimum Investment of $1250


Website copy (any pages you need!)


Sales Pages


Opt-in Pages


Landing Pages


Facebook Ads (Minimum 3 Campaigns)


Instagram Ads (Minimum 3 Campaigns)


Custom Email Funnels


Facebook Bot Ads


Webinar Scripts/Slides


YouTube Content Ideation/Scripts

No One Ignores the PenguinCat

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©2021 PenguinCat Creative