The PenguinCat’s Top 4 Tips for Creating Adventurous Content...Without Burning Out

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The content struggle is real, yo.

Let’s face it: No matter how creative you are, no matter how compelling your message is, no matter how much every single inch of your being lights up when you’re writing blogs, making videos, or posting your #deepthoughts on social media...

...There’s gonna come a time when you’re just. Not. FEELIN’ IT.

  • Maybe you’re running low on inspiration, and you can’t think of one damn insightful thing to say to your audience these days.
  • Maybe you’re bored, and your content’s gone staler than that questionable bag of chips your friend Dustin brought to your last BBQ. (Thanks a lot, Dustin.)
  • Maybe you’re a little fuzzy on why anyone cares what you have to say anyway, and you’ve gone into freeze mode at the mere thought of putting your face on video right now.
  • Maybe you’re burnt out, and if you have to write a single word more, you’ll just hide under your desk with a pack of peanut butter Oreos.

Whatever the story may be, 
The PenguinCat’s got a plot twist for it.

See, we’re the content-slinging mavericks behind OH-SO-MANY of your favorite voices online (shh, don’t tell anyone)...

...And if there’s one thing we do better than anyone else, it’s crafting compelling copy on-demand.

That’s why we’ve wrapped up OUR TOP 4 SECRETS for creating truly remarkable content in one breathtakingly gorgeous PDF.


Yeah, maybe it’s a risk to give away all our most brilliant trade secrets.


Call it dumb, call it #abundancemindset, but we’re all about helping creative entrepreneurs, visionaries, high-vibe heroes, and rabblerousers of all kinds get their messages out into the world…

So if this guide helps you do so with more creativity and clarity, then F**K YEAH!

We want to see a world where:

Your content is awe-inspiring, uplifting, hilarious, infotastic, and FUN

Your story is told in a way only you could tell it...because you’re the only person in the world who’s lived your wicked cool life.

Your readers, watchers, and stalkers are blown away by what you share, and become better people because of it. 

...And you don’t even have to come CLOSE to burning out.


PenguinCat Creative is here to help you TAKE UP SPACE all over the internet.

Founder Emily McGregor quickly became the go-to copywriter and marketing strategist for digital heavyweights and online entrepreneurs so big, we can’t even namedrop them here or this page would shatter.

When it came time to build her own agency, Emily reunited with the content marketing geniuses that built female comedy brand Comediva to the likes of 3M+ monthly views...organically...and created content for clients like Amazon Studios, Univision, Nickelodeon, and more.

Our claim to the throne is that our dream team of copywriters aren’t just copywriters...we’re highly-trained screenwriters, directors, actors, and producers who don’t just do story...we do character.

That’s why we know how to make YOU the hero of your story...and weave the narrative you can’t see because you’re too busy living it.

PenguinCat Creative has been working on copy for my extremely busy digital marketing agency for over a year and I can’t recommend them enough. I typically refer to them as my secret weapon to clients because their copy is out of this world and in marketing copy is everything. Emily and her team are amazing at what they do and extremely easy to work with as well!

Emily Hirsh

PenguinCat is seriously the best copywriting service we’ve ever worked with. (And continue to work with!) They asked us the most perfect questions, listened to our answers, and then composed an authentic, compelling, message that absolutely revolutionized our conversion rates.  They have a beautiful way of capturing our voice and getting to the core of our message in a way that’s fun, friendly, and sounds like us!  We love The PenguinCat. They are so fun to work with and really accommodating. If you’re looking with someone to dress up your website or finesse your authentic voice you could not work with anyone better!

Nadya Melton-

This whole experience reawakened my passion for my blog and my products!

I spent the last four months creating products and packages, and then I went to write the sales pages and they fell flat. Then Emily came along, and she just GOT it. She turned my product back into something that I BELIEVE in, that I want to sell and that (after reading this crazy insane awesome copy) people will WANT to buy. This whole experience reawakened my passion for my blog and my products! What Emily delivered was so far above and beyond what I thought was possible.

Jenni Waldrop -

Whaddaya say? 

Ready to apply our super-juicy secrets to your content strategy?

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