We blew our sales goals out of the water!  It was a six figure launch with a $49/mo product in the middle of a global pandemic. To say I’m proud, is an understatement.

Thank you for all your hard work on the sales page copy and the emails.  We ended up tweaking a few pieces of our offer to adapt for Covid, but it was easy to integrate that into your copy! We only used the emails, social posts and videos on social… no paid ads.   So again, your work was a big piece of it.  Thank you!!

Katie Hunt


As business coaches and marketing professionals who help ou r clients with copywriting ALL THE TIME- the idea of outsourcing any of our copywriting felt a little absurd initially. At the same time, we knew having launched the same program multip le times that we were getting sort of blind to the process and a little bit burnt-out. We wa nted to update our process, but really needed someone who got “us” and our voice. Emily was an absolute delight to work with. She got close to the mark just out of the gate with what we needed and then she took our feedback and got into our heads as to what we were trying to con vey incredibly quickly. In 2017, we decided to test launching our online course once, inste ad of twice. Which doubled our sales goal. We had previously barely sold out at 100 student s, and we were able to enroll 173 bootcampers during one launch!

Kelly Higdon + Miranda Palmer


Emily McGregor is seriously the best copywriter we,ve ever worked with. (And continue to work with!) She asked us the most perfect questions, listened to our answer and then composed an authentic, compelling, message that absolutely revolutionized our conversion rates. She has a beautiful way of capturing our voice and getting to the core of our message in a way that’s fun, friendly, and sounds like us! We love her. She’s so fun to work with and really accommodating. If you’re looking with someone to dress up your website or finesse your authentic voice you could not work with anyone better!

Nadya Melton


My one post that you wrote in the last 24 hours has gotten more engagement than any post I’ve ever put up before, which is amazing to me. And clearly shows me this should be my path moving forward.  You really nailed what I was hoping for in my voice!

Christa Tyler


Emily is a fucking beast. I want to print this copy out and roll around on top of it.

Michelle Bobrow


This whole experience reawakened my passion for my blog and my products!

I spent the last four months creating products and packages, and then I went to write the sales pages and they fell flat. Then Emily came along, and she just GOT it. She turned my product back into something that I BELIEVE in, that I want to sell and that (after reading this crazy insane awesome copy) people will WANT to buy. This whole experience reawakened my passion for my blog and my products! What Emily delivered was so far above and beyond what I thought was possible.

Jenni Waldrop


Emily really hit home in terms of speaking to my ideal clients in a way that was honest, compelling and best of all HILARIOUS I was rebranding and it was extremely important to me that I was really speaking to my ideal customer in a way that reflected the values of my business–supportive,approachable and most of all, being able to laugh about the chaos of parenthood. I knew exactly how I wanted my copy to come across, but I was having trouble putting it into words that felt like me. Emily was able to get right inside the head of my ideal client, despite not being a parent herself. She really hit home in terms of speaking to them in away that was honest, compelling and best of all HILARIOUS (in a“funny because it’s true”kind of way). I was quite impressed with the whole process. The workflow was very organized and professional –it has actually inspired me to make sure that I provide my clients with the same level of professionalism when purchasing services from me.

Sarah Bester


I feel Emily captured my voice well! Emily’s copy was consistently good and fun to read,
from beginning to end. I will definitely be working with her again!

Melyssa Griffin


Her copy is smart and engaging–perfect for Facebook ads. Her turnaround time is SO fast, which helps me create an amazing experience for my clients. Best of all, my clients and their potential leads, love her work.

Kathleen Cutler


Holy cow – can I give you a hug through email?!? Because I would if I could!! LOVE this!! Oh my gosh so much better than what I did You made me sound so much more like me!

Tonya Harris


Emily has been working on copy for my extremely busy digital marketing agency for over a year and I can’t recommend her enough. I typically refer to her as my secret weapon to clients because her copy is out of this world and in marketing copy is everything. Emily is amazing at what she does, creative and mindblowing with her work and extremely easy to work with as well!

Emily Hirsh


I just read the emails and my jaw is on the floor right now!!! What??! How??

You took everything I shared with you and wove it into this completely cohesive, totally compelling story of transformation and I’m blown away. Like, speechless blown away.

You spent time hearing my story, asking me good questions and really understanding the heartbreak I had experience on my long and winding road to where I am now. You then somehow magically whipped that crazy winding story into this totally cohesive, compelling series of emails that I can now use for years to come. The email sequence takes the customer on a journey with me, almost like they had been right there with me the whole time. By the end, we meet each other in the present moment, so that I can reach out a hand to help them. I am so grateful for your ability to listen beyond words, to feel my pain, and turn it into a beautiful reflection of my journey for my customer to travel with me.

Shelby Knottemann

Reiki Master

©2021 PenguinCat Creative

©2021 PenguinCat Creative